Homeschooling and Lifelong Learning

Homeschooling is one of the most intense learning experiences I’ve had. We homeschooled our boys from preschool into early college (everyone survived), and during those homeschooling years, I read endlessly, went to conferences, and tried many things. Gradually, I found sound advice, books that worked well, and habits that made learning happen, even on days when we didn’t do formal teaching. Here are some of the posts on learning, homeschooling, Charlotte Mason (one of those sources of good counsel), classical education, learning styles, and more.

There are many more learning related posts on the site, but those that are reading or writing specific are linked from those index pages. I’ll continue to add posts here as I pull them from the archives and update them. If there is a homeschool or learning topic you have questions about, please feel free to leave a comment or email me. I may already have a post that just needs to be dusted off and linked.

NOTE: Some of these posts are very old and haven’t yet been updated or organized. I’m working as quickly as possible restoring graphics, relinking things that have shifted, and so forth. Thank you for your patience while they are under construction!

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What Does Education Look Like? Part III: Immune to Elephants

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Charlotte Mason and Classical Education

Homeschool 101: Charlotte Mason Style

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Historical Fiction for Young Readers

Aunt Edie’s Commonplace Book, 1917-1947

Nature Notebooks the Easy Way

Penmanship Matters

Take your children outside! Here’s why.

Three (or so) Books for the Homeschool Journey

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Bayeux Tapestry: An Animated Look at History

High School, College, and College Alternatives

High School: A Four-Year Plan for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling High School: Is Outsourcing an Option?

High School Requirements: The Wrong Question?

Of Daffodils and Diesels, Revisited

College Alternatives, Part 1: Skilled Trades

College Alternatives, Part 2: Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeships, and Guilds

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What Kinds of Financial Aid Are Available?

Financial Aid: You Won’t Get it Unless You Apply

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High School Transcripts- Frequently Asked Questions

How to Calculate +/- on a High School Transcript

Apprenticeships and Skilled Trades Offer an Alternative to College

College Choices – Homeschoolers Have Options!

Why Freshmen Fail by Professor Carol: A Review

Learning Styles and Personality Tests

Know Thyself: Are Personality Tests Useful?

Learning Styles: Should You Care?

How to Be a Good Homeschool Quitter: Part 1

How to Be a Good Homeschool Quitter: Part 2

Momma, Want to See a Snake? How to Homeschool a Boy, Part 1

Hey Mom, Want to See My Jungle Gym? How to Homeschool a Boy, Part 2

Hey Mom, Listen to this Great Performance: How to Homeschool a Boy, Part 3

In One Ear…

Book, Curriculum, and Resource Reviews

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner: A Review

Take Heart: 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School – A Review

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Homeschooling and Caregiving

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Advice for Friends of Caregivers

Other education topics

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