Living: Faith, Art, Travel, and Thought

Because life is more than reading, writing, learning, homeschooling, planning, and working, I sometimes write about things close to my heart — things of interest, delight, and concern. Now that I’ve finished the homeschooling years, this might be the index that grows the most. We’ll see!

Seeking Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

How Then Shall We Live?

How About a Plenitude Resolution for the New Year?

The Memory Project: Pied Beauty and More

Aunt Edie’s Commonplace Book, 1917-1947

The Book of Psalms in Music and Art

How to Memorize

“Easter Wings:” A Poem for Spring

A Year Without the News Media

Can Changing Your Thoughts Change Your Life?

The Ant or the Grasshopper? A Reason to Give Thanks

Giving and Receiving Grace-fully

Keeping the Thanks in Thanksgiving


The Blessing of Creative Handwork

How to Create a Custom Planner


The China Visit: Part 1—Chengdu

The China Visit: Part 2—Beijing

Westward ho! Adding Context to Travel

Family Travel on a Budget = Great Memories!

Patriot Day 2012: A Page From our Family Album

Justice and Peace

Prayer of Francis of Assisi as a Labor Day Meditation

How About a Plenitude Resolution for the New Year?

Poverty Cure

Virtue, Education, and the Electorate

Caregiving, Homeschooling, and Love

Ellen Potter- We’ll Say Good Night Here . . .

Can Learning Go On While Caregiving? Crisis Schooling for Homeschoolers

Caregiving for Homeschool Families: Don’t Go Into It Lightly

Advice for Friends of Caregivers


How Then Shall We Live?

Moving Away from an Industrial Economy

Grow a Sustainable Diet by Cindy Conner, A Review

A Shift in Direction

You Need a Budget: A Review