A Shift in Direction

The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet When I started this blog, I planned to focus strictly on entrepreneurship and microbusiness because those things can make it possible to live a doing-what-matters life. The problem was, with a URL like DoingWhatMatters.com, it’s been hard not to write about all the other things that fit under that umbrella. Often the “what matters” that lies behind a microbusiness is more important than the business itself. Therefore, I’ve decided to stop resisting the inevitable and shift the direction of this blog.

I will still be writing about microbusiness, but I’ll also talk about creating a life that is sustainable, sensible, and serene. Serenity runs counter to the rat-race culture, but I enjoy it, and want to hold onto it. Making the mechanics of life more sensible and sustainable is an up-the-down-escalator challenge. Sometimes I think I’m moving in the right direction, but then I open the Fibber McGee* closet, and realize there’s a long way to go.

My frame of reference begins with faith, and I value the transcendentals of truth, beauty, and virtue, so that will provide a framework for much of what I write. Some of the practical topics that might show up here are living deliberately and simply, eating real food, permaculture landscaping, downsizing, making rather than buying, microbusiness rather than corporate life, thinking rather than reacting, and living creatively.

Will anyone read all of this? Maybe, maybe not. I’ll enjoy writing, because for me, the writing process is a form of memory and learning. In a way, I’m using writing here in the original journaling tradition of the “web log.” You’re welcome to stick around and see what emerges.

*Fibber McGee’s legendary closet

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