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How to teach grammar: is it relevant to diagram?

Teaching Grammar: To Diagram or Not to Diagram?

  When I teach essay writing for high school or college exams, I encourage students to beware of using absolutes such as “always” or “never,” because these are rarely true — there are exceptions to almost everything, and those absolutes...

keyhole composition organizer for essay-writing

Organize Essays with the Keyhole Essay Organizer

The Keyhole Essay Organizer appears in many forms across the Web. It can be a very helpful visual reminder of what goes into a basic essay–introduction, body, conclusion, plus some helpful tips.

Beat the Clock Essay Workshop

Enthusiasm — It Makes Learning Stick!

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge Have you ever thought about the part that enthusiasm plays in the learning process? I have noticed that when I’m interested in something, I learn it so much more easily...