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Blossoms everywhere in the spring.

Poems for Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Amy Lowell

Here are two spring poems by two of my favorite poets: Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Lilacs by Amy Lowell. Both are suitable for copywork and recitation. Enjoy!

Celebrate April with Hopkins, Frost, Eliot, and Rossetti

I’ve been stricken with spring fever and could not resist sharing the beauty of a few of my favorite spring poems. I’ll offer them without comment, as I believe they are best savored quietly. If you wish to learn more...

Spring & Compulsory Schooling- Carpe Diem!

I’m thinking about spring, and the need to seize the day, and do the thing that is appropriate for the moment. It’s time to emerge from our winter cocoons! Spring means being outdoors, breathing great gulps of crispy-fresh air, moving...