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Excellence in Literature helps you teach classic literature to high school teens even if you don’t know Virginia Woolf from Beowulf.

Excellence in Literature is classic literature and writing curriculum for grades 8-12.One of my primary goals as a writer is to help you make time for things that matter — family, home, spiritual growth, literacy, and things that last. I know that small things such as paperwork can loom large when you’re looking at them from afar, and they can end up taking a disproportionate share of your time, and distracting you from focusing on the most important things. I hope that the books we offer will help you simplify your homeschooling journey.

Homeschooling high school

For homeschooling high school, I’ve written two very practical books — books that show you how to easily take care of high school paperwork, SAT-prep, and getting into college. These books are Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College and they provide simple, straightforward guidance on the mechanics of paperwork and non-traditional ways of earning credit toward a degree so you can focus on the truly important things — creating a family culture of wisdom, virtue, and lifelong learning.

Literature and writing

My most popular books are the Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12. These study guides focus on one of the things that matter — literacy (in the sense of being well-read / educated). EIL is based on online English classes I taught for several years, and it presents great literature in its literary, historical, artistic, and cultural context. I want students to know and love excellent literature, and they have to meet it in order to love it.  You can read more about it

Here are my books and other books we offer, all available at Everyday Education:

Books by Janice Campbell

Books by other people

Coming soon!

  • Model-Based Writing Toolbox
  • Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting



4 Responses

  1. Martha Sterner says:

    Would we be able to do English lll, which I assume is American Lit. for a 10th grader if we have not used English l and English ll?

  2. Hi, Martha-

    Yes, each level is self-contained, so you can choose the level that is appropriate for your student. There are instructions and samples for each type of assignment, so you’ll know what to do, no matter where you begin.


  3. Vanessa says:

    Janice, I am inspired by you year after year I attend the Midwest homeschool convention. Are your Excellence in Literature books a good fit for an upcoming 6th grade avid reader who loves literature?

    • Thank you, Vanessa—I grateful to have a part in the conference and to meet so many. As I’m sure you’ve read, the curriculum is designed for grades 8-12, but I know there are some who start earlier with a precocious student such as yours seem to be. If you decide to do it, just keep in mind that you’re the teacher and you can decide to take longer on the modules or make other modifications as necessary. The writing she does likely won’t be at the same level as a high school student, but it should advance quickly with solid feedback. If you do it, I’d love to hear how it goes!

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