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Five reasons entrepreneurship should be part of every education.

5 Reasons Entrepreneurship Should Be Part of Every Education

I believe that entrepreneurship should be part of every education. Creating a small business does more than just provide a bit of extra money– it provides memorable learning opportunities.

US Flag Day poster from 1917

Quotes About Liberty and Entrepreneurship

In the month of July, I always stop to give thanks for the amount of liberty we enjoy as citizens of the USA. Liberty isn’t license — it’s the freedom to make moral choices and do what we believe to...

A Microbusiness Can Help With College Expenses

As most of you know, I have enjoyed several microbusinesses throughout my life, and I believe they can be great learning experiences for teens. With the economy in its present disturbed state, I believe that a microbusiness can be helpful...

Carnival of Homeschooling: There’s More to School Than Textbooks!

Welcome to the 138th Carnival of Homeschooling! If you’re not a year-round schooler, you’re probably thinking of starting soon. Many of our bloggers are too, but a few are thinking differently. I hope you enjoy traveling through the landscape of...

Add a Microbusiness to Your Teen’s Curriculum!

Consider a micro-business for your teen Once your students hit the teen years, chances are that they are looking forward to relevant, real-world applications for what they are learning. Many of them will have a hobby that they can, with...

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