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The sky is falling!

Three New Contests: Poetry, Art, and Essays

Contests can be a great motivator and learning tool because they provide homeschool students with an outside-the-routine assignment, a firm deadline, an audience that’s bigger than mom, sometimes objective feedback or a prize. Plus, contests are often fun!

Thankful thoughts on freedom, homeschooling, and writing in England.

Thankful Thoughts on Freedom, Homeschool, and Writing in England

Dear Readers, I sometimes come upon a thought so well expressed that I just have to share it! Today’s guest post on freedom, homeschool, and writing was the editor’s letter from a Writing-World.com newsletter, and it’s reprinted here with the kind...

The Discipline of Writing & NaNoWriMo

I was sitting at a sidewalk table last week, enjoying a cup of coffee, when I overheard a group of twenty-somethings at the next table talking about the writers’ conference that was starting over the weekend. The conversation turned to...