Entrepreneurship vs. an MBA: Which Would You Choose?

For many years, an MBA was seen as a ticket to success. Non-traditional degree programs sprouted like toadstools after a warm rain, and billboards, ads, and postcards extolled the benefits of the executive MBA, the online MBA, and other alternative MBA programs. Over a decade after the onslaught began, what do the results say? Is an MBA really worth it?

I received a link to the infographic below, and thought it was worth sharing (despite a quibble about the use of “less” when “fewer” would be more appropriate). Many entrepreneurs struggle to explain to friends and relatives that “self-employed” is not a euphemism for “unemployed,” but rather a choice for independence, autonomy, and the acceptance of full responsibility for success or failure. Perhaps this useful graphic will make the less traveled path seem a more logical choice.

Worth of an MBA

Created by: MBAOnline.com

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