How to Choose Strong, Safe Passwords for Online Accounts

Choose unique phrases from Mother Goose, the Proverbs, or other sources.When you begin conducting business online, it’s critical to use strong passwords for the online services you use. As your online presence grows, you’ll find yourself with many different types of passwords and with the accompanying challenge of remembering them. Here is a two-minute video that will show you how to set strong, individual passwords you can remember, followed by an additional tip on how to select your password phrases.

When you follow this system, it’s even easier to remember your passwords if you assign a specific type of phrase to each type of account you will be using. Here are a few examples, with the type of site listed first, and a possible type of phrase listed second:

Once you’ve chosen the type of phrase you want to use for each set of passwords, you’ll be able to select memorable, secure passwords, following the sequence shown in the video. Remember, the three steps are:

  1. Start with a familiar phrase
  2. Add special characters
  3. Customize for each site

Small business owners need to feel free to use online services without worrying about identity theft or the compromise of secure information. Strong passwords can help, as long as you remember what they are. This is just one method, but its simple and customizable. I hope you find it helpful!

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