Multi-tasking is Highly Overrated

Finish one project before starting another so that earnings grow as you work.So . . . exactly how many things are you doing at this very moment? How many programs are open on your computer, and how many windows in your browser?

If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing there are too many things going on . . . and that’s just on your computer screen.

What about your desk? Is it a nice clear space with just a calendar and a few basic office tools (stapler, tape, three-hole punch), or is it full of distracting piles and miscellaneous papers that are silently nagging for your attention?

How inspired, productive, and motivated do you feel when you sit down to work?

I’m not trying to rouse the guilt monster, and yes– I’m talking to myself too. The bottom line is that there’s a price to pay for juggling multiple projects. If you spend a year jumping back and forth between three separate projects, you’re likely finish the year just as you started– with three partial projects on your hard drive.

If you focus on a single project, complete it, and set it up for sales before going on to the next, you’ll have income from the completed project while working on the second project. I’ve done it that way and it works.

Want to join me in single-tasking this week? I think I’ll start by closing 43 browser tabs . . . 😉

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