Our First Grandbaby is Here!

Since we’re all about “making time for things that matter,” I have to take a moment to let you know about  adorable Imogen Violet Campbell who has just joined our family. There’s a lightning storm outside so I’ll have to be mercifully brief;-). In fact, a picture can be worth a thousand words!

Imogen Violet, about 6 hours old.

Imogen Violet, about 6 hours old.

Sweet family!

Sweet family!

Imogen Violet- 5 days old

Imogen Violet- 5 days old

5 Responses

  1. Dora Emig says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations to new parents AND new grandparents!


  2. monica says:

    congratulations! she’s beautiful, love the name.

  3. Only a grandmother can totally understand! Congratulations, Janice! I have four grandchildren now and each one of them is sooooo precious! Enjoy this time, treasure the moments and rejoice!

  4. Kerrie Scates says:

    She is so beautiful. Such an example of God’s handiwork! Congratulations to you all and God Bless your new grandbaby!


  5. Henry says:


    My father says the best part about having children is spoling the grandchild.

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