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Carnival of HomeschoolingWelcome to the July 30, 2013 edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling! I’m delighted you’ve stopped by, as we have a collection of interesting articles for you. You’ll find serious articles on the state of education and leaving a homeschooling legacy, helpful articles on planning and organizing your school year and day, and a few extras on things such as how to whistle, whether homeschoolers can redeem BoxTops for Education, and more. I hope you enjoy the carnival!


The pleasures of reading never fade.Carla at Aquinas Homeschool’s Blog offers a strong, effective solution to the academic problems of modern schooling in A Rant About Education in America.

Mrs. White shares experience and wisdom in Building a Strong Work Ethic in our Children at The Legacy of Home. She reminds us that “One of the greatest things we mothers can teach our children, is to wait and to work and to save, and then to spend. But never before the money is earned. . . Never.”

In Follow-Through Friday: Our First Week at Simply Convivial: Mystie writes, “We started our new school year this week, with much excitement but not without tears.” I loved her idea of having the children post a brief review and comment on GoodReads. It can be very inspiring to a student to be able to express himself in the real world, rather than in a simple book report that only mom sees.

Sophia considers what is and should be the purpose of modern institutional education in What Is Wrong With The School System, posted at Sophia Gubb’s Blog.

HappyElfMom offers her take on whether there should be The Right to Go to Schoolat Homeschool and Etc, saying ‘Josh Powell feels he got a substandard homeschool education, and advocates for the right of his younger siblings and other children to enroll in public school against their parents’ consent.”

Homeschool Legacy

Reading together is one of the best homeschool memories. Painting by Mary Cassatt.Felice Gerwitz reminds moms to “keep it simple as long as you can,” in What Will Your Children Remember? at Ultimate Homeschool Expo, and asks, “As a homeschool mom, leaving a legacy is important. What do you want your children to remember?”

Kathie Morrissey offers two thought-provoking lists in Looking back as a Homeschooling Parent posted at The Character Corner & Courtship Connection.

In Over the Moon with Joy, Kimmie shares a simple little reminder parents can share with their children in Raising Godly Sons and Daughters.

Planning and Organization

In R is for Restructure (Homeschool Planning for Middle School) posted at Ben and Me, Marcy Crabtree admits, “I’m not a planner. I’m pretty sure I have established that in the past. But at some point, I need to buck my natural tendencies and realize that Ben needs for me to do this for his good. Homeschool planning is something I must do, whether I want to or not.”

Creating a custom planner is a great way to get what you need while having fun.Janice Campbell shares How to Create a Custom Planner at Doing What Matters, remarking that “Although I do most of my work on the computer, I’ve used paper-based planners ever since I was in middle school. I prefer to plan during contemplative time away from the computer, and I’m old-fashioned enough to like having my productive life neatly contained between covers.” This post offers instructions for creating a leather planner with easily interchangeable inserts.

What is Educational Fair Use? You’ll find detailed, accurate information on doing the right thing at the Copyright for Homeschoolers site. Our children learn daily from our level of respect for the law and ethical conduct toward the small publishers of homeschool curriculum.

You will find useful ideas in Victoria Porraz‘s post on How to Use a 70-page Spiral Notebook in Class posted at The English Teacher Files. Although this article is written for classroom teachers to “explain how to reduce the number of papers for the high school English teacher,” the idea of using a spiral notebook for each class can be useful even in homeschools until middle and high school when students should begin typing most of their work. CAVEAT: Although a classroom teacher may check only for completion, in a homeschool setting work should also be checked for correctness so that students will learn.

Family and Fun

Seasonal summer work can be a great choice for a teen.In Homeschooling and the job market Henry shares their status as their oldest daughter enters the job market at the Why Homeschool blog. Using a temp agency to find a job can be a very useful tip for homeschoolers.

Can a homeschool mom redeem BoxTops for Education? At, Carol Topp answers a question from a homeschool mom., “A homeschool mom has been collecting BoxTops for Education and asks where she can redeem them.”

Whistling is a useful skill, especially if you can do it loudly enough to summon the family for dinner. Brett at the Art of Manliness offers instructions for How to Whistle With Your Fingers.

In When the tears come, the writing is done atA Brave Writer’s Life in Brief, Julie Bogart talks about tears and what to do when a child turns into a puddle while writing.

Did you know there is a holiday to celebrate being left handed? Find fun ideas and free resources and take the opportunity to celebrate the differences in people at DenSchool‘s celebration of International Left Hander’s Day.

Carnival of HomeschoolingThat all for this time! Please feel free to share the link (along with the Carnival graphic, left) to today’s Carnival on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social media. If you’d like to contribute to the next Carnival, submit your blog article to the Carnival of Homeschooling using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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