World Digital Library: A Great Resource

I occasionally come across a resource that keeps me reading or browsing for much longer than I planned, and the new World Digital Library is one of those. Some of the earliest written works known to man have been digitized and are available for study on the site. Over 30 libraries and research institutions from many nations have participated in putting together the initial collection, and others are expected to contribute to keep the collection growing.

The site is easy to navigate, and like a good encyclopedia, one fascinating item leads to another. And another… Browsers will begin at a world map on the homepage. Clicking on one of the regions depicted will lead you to a page of thumbnails of the items available. Click on a thumbnail to see a well-written description of the item and links to more information. You may also search the site by place, time, topic, type of item, and institution, and read the information in any of seven languages.


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  1. June Dixon says:

    Enjoyed your TCHE presentation.
    Your literature manuals look great! I’ll be ordering #1 for the fall.
    Your recommendation on CLEP materials will make Jacob (14) happy! 65 pages vs 3″ thick won’t be so overwhelming.
    I thought one of your sites had info once on a book logging software using a handheld scanner.. . can you let me know if it was you & where to purchase.
    see you at convention -JUNE

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the TCHE talks– it’s always fun to visit your group. We just picked up a new shipment of the level one literature, and really like the new cover. It’s fun to see it! I am hearing of classes forming to use Excellence in Literature, and I think that’s a great idea too.

      When you mentioned the book logging software, it made me notice that my LibraryThing widget has disappeared from the blog. That’s odd. You can scan barcodes to load books into, or you can get software for your computer and/or palm called Readerware. It’s very, very good, and even shows you the staggering value of your library, based on current used prices. If I ever get the 4976 other books in my library listed, I might even be a wealthy woman;-)! Enjoy!

  1. May 29, 2009

    […] Janice Campbell has a ton of information on homeschooling – especially for those of you who have children in junior and senior high. Check out her World Digital Library. […]

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