American and British Literature are Here!

A Railhead-to-door delivery vehiclem of the London & North Eastern Railway at the National Railway Museum, York.

I opened the door this morning, and there on the front steps was a box from Andrew Pudewa’s IEW. The American and British literature levels of Excellence in Literature have arrived and are ready for you!

Yesterday was my grandmother’s 96th birthday, so we’ll be taking her out to lunch today. When I get back, I’ll post everything on the website, but if you’ve been waiting a long time for these books, you may order them here.

American Literature

British Literature

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  1. Cheryl Floyd says:

    Are the Excellence in Literature series meant for a semester or a year or how long does it take to go through them?

    • Each level is designed to be covered in a year. There are nine four-week units per year, but you may take longer if you like. I designed it to be flexible enough that you could even leave out a unit, or mix and match units from different years, based on your student’s interests. Enjoy!

  2. Alexandr says:

    My daughter does most of her work on the rocking chair on the back porch! 🙂 In reference to your daughter, here is a thought . . . how much time did you spend with her while she was at school and extra-curricular activities X hours a day? I bet you spend more time with her now . . . It takes time, but you do find your rhythm. In time, your son will become more independent. I remember when I had to sit next to my daughter and, if I got up to wash dishes, she lost her concentration. Now, she gets out her math before my first cup of coffee and works on it in her rocker.

    • Hi, Alexandr-
      You’re right about children losing concentration when you go and do something else. That happened to us as well. I learned not to answer the phone (you can read about my phone rules here), do housework, or anything else. That changed as the boys grew older, but it was essential in the younger years. I loved doing school in comfy spots, and sometimes it’s the very best option of all. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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