New Video Review of Excellence In Literature

I just came across another informative review of Excellence in Literature! Kerry Beck of Curriculum Connection has written a great review, and posted a video that walks you through the entire book.

At the convention this past weekend, so many people seemed to already know about EIL, and walked straight into the booth and bought it without asking many questions at all. Maybe these recent helpful reviews are responsible!

Here’s the video–enjoy!

Remember, that in addition to the American Literature and British Literature that Kerry talks about, there are three other levels in the series. Introduction to Literature is English I, and can be used in 8th or 9th grade (or before or after, depending on your student). Literature and Composition is English II, and World Literature is English V.

Intro is currently available, and the other two are scheduled to be available by the end of August. You can read more and order at (there’ll soon be a spiffy new website for EIL as well!). Be sure you’re on the e-zine mailing list so you’ll know as soon as everything is complete!

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