Free is Good for College Textbooks

For many families, the cost of college textbooks comes as a shock. Paying $100 or so for a book your student will use for a mere 18 weeks seems entirely foolish. For families whose high school students are getting a jump start on college from home, it can be a real problem, as there’s no financial aid to buffer the blow. You can sometimes find old textbooks at yard sales, but they are often dated, damaged, or otherwise inferior. I just discovered Flat World Knowledge, which looks like a good resource.

I know there are other sources for free or cheap textbooks. Do you have any links to share?

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  1. J. Scott Allen says:

    I use this site called They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online retailers for you so you always find the cheapest prices on the books you need. You can even specify whether you want to search for used, new, or both types of textbooks. It’s actually pretty cool.

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