New Transcripts Made Easy Review

Cindy from Curriculum Choice (a delightful blog) has posted a very nice review of Transcripts Made Easy. I’m grateful for it, and happy to know that it’s still helping to calm those homeschool-through-high-school fears.

High school transcripts and records really aren’t as hard you might think. I like to plan and do, but I’m not the best record-keeper on the planet, so my system had to be short, sweet and to the point. Practical!

Cindy says, “Transcripts Made Easy is truly easy to understand.  Even with 120 pages, it’s a fairly quick read, too.  Janice walks you through, step-by-step, how to simply and effectively keep academic records, how to turn those records into a GPA sheet, how to calculate credits and quality points, making adjustments for AP or college classes and how to make sure you are preparing your student for classes that meet state and college-bound goals.”

I’m glad it’s helpful. Thank you, Cindy, for the great review!

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