The 350th Carnival of Homeschooling: Ideas You Can Use

Welcome to the September 18, 2012 edition of carnival of homeschooling. Time and what to do with it seems to be top of the mind for many of our contributors. After all, it’s the beginning of the year and there’s still a chance that you’ll be able to fit in everything you planned! In addition, you’ll find a few articles on words, nature, celebrations, and more. I hope you enjoy it!

[Note for Mid-Atlantic readers: There’s a link at the bottom for the new location for Friday’s Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop. There are a few spaces left if you have a student who will be taking the SAT or ACT this year.]


Time management tips for homeschool families.Lisa offers a detailed look at time management tools and techniques she uses in Managing the pressure of high school at Golden Grasses.

Matt and Kristen share their ‘Weekly Homeschool Plans 2012” at A Little Homie, saying, “We are back in the swing of things, as of mid-July. In fact, the girls have managed to complete 200 credits already this homeschool year! Here’s how the typical week looks for us.”

Liz E shares the joy in “The Freedom to Take on Something Bigger” posted at Homeschooling in Buffalo.

Katherine Dow offers a look at her creative Daily Board in Daily Math, Memory, and Calendar Work at My Quiver’s Full.

lindafay presents How to Recover from Homeschool Burnout posted at Higher Up and Further In, saying, “Burnout is a very dangerous disease that can lead to the death of a homeschool. If parents remain in burnout for very long, they generally end up sending their children to a private or public institution simply because the pain of this illness is too great to bear any longer. You need a cure, and you need it fast. Well, I have good news for you, the cure is at your fingertips and the medicine is pleasant.”

Katherine Collins shares a glimpse of living like the Zizzer-Zoof salesman in the Dr. Seuss Sleep Book in “chaos” at No fighting, no biting!.

And from the archives of this blog, here is a post on how to Streamline Your Life with Habits, just as Charlotte Mason suggests. 


The pleasures of reading catch us at any moment.Mama Squirrel writes a response to “Literature is the new Latin,” an editorial in the Toronto Star, “In which we remain stubbornly attached to our squiggly lines and paper pages” at Dewey’s Treehouse.

Here are printable coloring puzzles for all 26 letters of the alphabet from Beverly Hernandez.  Alphabet Fun: ABC Coloring Puzzles at Homeschool Journeys. These alphabet coloring puzzles are the first in a series of alphabet activity pages.


Courbet-Plage de NormandieHwee presents several videos her family has viewed in their vertebrate study in the post, How animals find food  at The Tiger Chronicle.

Ann shares an Outdoor Hour experience and nature journal sketches in Hummingbirds – Outdoor Hour Challenge (from Handbook of Nature Study) posted at Harvest Moon by Hand.

Misty presents Scouting: a Fun Addition to Homeschooling Life posted at Homeschool Bytes, saying, “We enjoy how much fun and learning the boys get in their scouting troops.”


Learning about our founding documents is essential to a sound education.

Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull: The cultural literacy of the founding fathers made this scene possible.

Mindy Hoffmann shares ideas for celebrating Constitution Day – September 17th on her blog, DenSchool.

Phyllis Sather  offers a look at family vacation photos and some great article links at Family Fun and Blessings Abound at Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness.

numbers presents Little Green Lies—How to talk to your kids about money  posted at NerdWallet, saying, “Teaching your kids about money can be daunting, especially if you’re a homeschool parent: it’s up to you to both model and explicitly teach sound financial practices. But don’t worry – life’s full of teachable moments when it comes to personal finance.”


Keep the vision-- onward and upward!Henry Cate provides some encouragement to other homeschoolers in “We are seeing more of the fruits of homeschooling” at Why Homeschool.

Susan Ryan asks, “Who is this Expert?” at Corn and Oil There are many Education Professors that study homeschoolers and homeschooling.  But who is really the expert on homeschooling?

Tricia asks, “Do you get this question too, fellow homeschool friends?” in “Are Your Children Socialized?” at Hodgepodge.
Debra offered some thoughts on Playing While Learning…Teaching Our Country’s History Something Our Public Schools Do Not Do Enough Of on 3 Partners in Shopping Nana,  Mommy & Sissy, Too!.The post is about playing but learning while playing and also our family’s love of history and feeling that our public schools are not teaching enough.   That one of the best reasons to homeschool is that our children are being taught what we believe is important.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of homeschooling using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

NOTE: Updated Location for Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop on Friday, 9/21

The BTC will now be at Hyles Baptist Church, 7220 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield VA 23832.  Same time, check-in at 8:30 am.  There is still a library close by and shopping on Hull St. or in Chester, just a few miles either way.

The easiest directions are to take 288 north off 95 to Courthouse Rd exit and then go south (turn left), or take 288 south from the West End area and exit at Courthouse Rd and turn right. The church will be about a mile down Courthouse Rd on your right after you pass Orange Market, Southside Church of the Nazarene and an entrance to Pocahontas State Park. Our church will be before the sharp turn in the road coming from these directions. If you are coming from RT 10 turning north on Courthouse Rd, we are on the left side of the road. We will be meeting in the bldg behind the main church bldg.  Signs will be posted where to go.

Please contact the Homeschool Event Coordinator at Corner Desk VA if you have questions about the BTC workshop, want to sign up, or wish to schedule a homeschool workshop for your group.

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