Virginia Home Education Month Display at Rockville Library

In 2011, Virginia’s governor declared February “Virginia Home Education Month.” In celebration of the anniversary of that declaration, I was invited to put up a homeschool display at the Cochrane-Rockville branch of the Pamunkey Regional Library. You can see photos below.

I had a lot of fun gathering items to put in the display cases, but oh my . . . it was so hard to choose what went in! I wanted to offer viewers a peek at the many resources available and the many accomplishments of local homeschoolers, but as you can imagine, a comprehensive look would have occupied a convention hall or two!

I’m grateful to the homeschool moms who shared photos of field trips, sports teams, and amazing performances in the arts, as well as the publishers and homeschool groups who offered magazines, a comprehensive homeschool manual, great visuals and giveaways. There are many excellent books stacked so that titles are visible on the spines. I tried to put the ones with the most provocative or appealing titles facing front, but honestly, I had many more wonderful resources than I had space for.

First display case: Homescool books; framed declaration of Virginia Home Education Month; photos of central Virginia homeschool sport teams and cheerleaders; Virginia Homeschoolers Voice magazines; Virginia Homeschool Manual from HEAV; the unarguable “Education begins at home” license plate; a homeschooling infographic, and more.

Homeschool display at the Cochrane-Rockville Library

Second display case: More home education books; A Journey Through Learning lapbook on birds; photos of homeschoolers in Christian Youth Theatre productions; trip photos from Lukeion Project; more homeschool magazines. There were a few other magazine issues we were able to display elsewhere, as well as some for viewers to take home.

Library display in honor of Home Education Month: Rockville Library

Trying to cram a homeschool conference into two cases is quite a challenge, but I hope that viewers will find it intriguing, and will enjoy seeing a sampling of all we do. The display will be up through March, so I may go in and swap out a few things, just to keep it fresh and share more goodies. My card is in there in case anyone wants to inquire about a specific resource, and there is a list of contributors posted on the side of the case, so for the groups and companies who contributed something, viewers should be able to find you. Thanks again for sharing!

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  1. Florence says:

    We are in the Rockville library at least once a week and we love the display. Every time we go we linger at the cases for a bit enjoying and discovering new items. You’ve spread a banquet in that tiny bit of space. Well done!

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