Carnival of Homeschooling: The Beach Reading Edition

The homeschool carnival makes great beach reading.

Carnival of Homeschooling

I’m delighted to host the June 22, 2010 edition of Carnival of Homeschooling! It may be summer, but homeschoolers never stop thinking and learning. To celebrate the season, let’s imagine that we’re at a lovely beach with waves breaking, a gentle breeze blowing, and palm trees rustling. Now…. relax and read while your dear children build sand castles!


Misty pesents How’d I Get My 4-year-old to Read Books on His Own? posted at Homeschool Bytes, saying, “Here are some ideas and resources that have helped me teach reading to my children.”

Katherine presents suddenly I’m the bad mommy again posted at No Fighting, No Biting!, saying, “having to do school during summer vacation makes me the bad mommy.”

Dave Roller presents You only have what they wrote. posted at Home School Dad, saying, “I read a post in last week’s carnival about unschooling. Ultimately in reviewing the post and trying to write a critique of it, I realized the importance of careful writing.”

Cristina Payne presents Home Spun comic strip #494 posted at Home Spun Juggling.

Wise Bread presents Adjusting Financial Attitudes: Lessons for Parents and their Children posted at Wisebread.

Michelle Padrelanan presents For The Children’s Sake Book Study: Chapter 1 “What Is Education” posted at Beyond the Silver and the Gold – A Filipino Family’s Homeschool Journey, saying, “This post is a study of the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling using For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. This is only Chapter 1 of the book, part 1 of this series of study.”


Rodna James presents Training Children up for Christ: If you think you can’t do nature study in the city…Check this out posted at Training Children up for Christ, saying, “Nature study in the city!” Summer is the perfect time to get out and do a bit of nature study. And in the city, you don’t have to worry about ticks and chiggers!

Eadwine Walter presents 33 Weird, Odd and Crazy Scholarships You Won?t Believe Exist posted at Dual Masters Degrees, saying, “No matter your program of study, no matter your talents, there is likely a scholarship that you qualify for. Here are 33 crazy scholarships that can give you a better chance of getting the money you need for an education.”

Leslie Yoelson presents Top 10 Biblical Learning Blogs posted at Christian Colleges, saying, “God is everywhere. So, it should come as no surprise to find Him on the internet also. Hey, He’s probably even got his own Twitter account. The Big Man Upstairs has gone high tech, and here are the Top Ten Biblical Learning Blogs to help you “Follow” Him.”

Lesson Pathways presents Summer Learning posted at Lesson Pathways Blog, saying, “Fun, practical ideas to engage your children in learning throughout the summer.”

Cool waves, happy birds.

Cool waves, happy birds.

Orson Bean presents 7 Blogs about Teaching Trends worth Subscribing To posted at Masters in Teaching, saying, “Here is a list of blogs that provide the scope of teaching in the world filled and driven with technology.”

Kathleen LaBeouf presents 10 Engineers Who Changed the Course of History posted at Masters in Engineering, saying, “While you might not remember the names of great engineers from your high school history books as easily as you remember the names of Presidents, monarchs, and scientists, you can bet they were there changing history.”

Denise presents Memorizing the Math Facts posted at Let’s Play Math!, saying, “The most effective and powerful way to commit math facts to memory…” It’s nice to keep learning going over the summer, and doing it in a fun and different way than the usual workbooks is a great idea.

Henry Cate presents Math – optional or necessary? at Why Homeschool? Henry writes about problems with teaching math in public schools and some of the reasons he has his daughters learn math.

Susan presents Panning for Gold at Home posted at Magnolia Homeschool, saying, “Today’s blog post is about Panning for Gold at Home.”

Monte Stonewall presents 10 Things That Won’t Burn in a House Fire posted at Fire Science Colleges.

Karen Davis presents Loads of Free History lessons and Resources posted at Karen’s History Project, saying, “A free resource is always nice, but one that has this many great history links to information, interactive website and games is priceless.”

Gail Heaton presents Summer Reading Fun posted at STANDING AT THE CROSSROADS, saying, “Even for those who LOVE books, Summer can be a challenge to keep up the reading.” We always tried to schedule reading time during the heat of the day after the boys had been out playing and were a bit tired. Add in a cool snack, and a stack of books looks pretty inviting!

Phyllis Sather presents Can You Hope to Homeschool With a Chronically Ill Child? posted at, saying, “This article would be interesting to anyone who is considering homeschool or in the process of homeschooling during a difficult situation.”

Janice Campbell presents a complementary article on Caregiving: Don’t Go Into It Lightly, posted right here at Taking Time For Things That Matter. You can homeschool during crisis situations, but be aware of some of the challenges before you start! Watch this blog for a follow-up post on “Crisis Schooling: Homeschooling While Caregiving” (coming next week).

MummyT presents Unschooling. Or Learning as You Go. « Travels with a Nine Year Old posted at Travels with a Nine Year Old, saying, “My son and I are travelling long term. This piece investigates how the unschooling approach works for us as we explore the world.”

The whole family can enjoy the beach!
The whole family can enjoy the beach!

Carol J. Alexander presents Class of 2010–My Daughter’s Graduation posted at Everything Home…with Carol. This deeply personal ceremony sounds lovely. I hope it inspires others!

Debra presents Why homeschool teens? posted at Footprints in the Butter, saying, “Why am I continuing to homeschool, into Middle School and High School? Well, I’m selfish. And I don’t like being told I can’t.” And the only real question is, why not? I loved homeschooling my boys through high school for all the reasons that Debra discusses. There are even more reasons in the “World of Options” article on my website (just scroll down the page a bit). If you’re not looking forward to the teen years, perhaps Debra and I can convert you!

Mrs. White presents Teaching Life Skills to Sons posted at The Legacy of Home. This delightful article focuses on the joys of involving boys in real-life activities where they can flourish. The key is to give them room to think, plan, and experiment!

Beth Sullivan presents Student Motivation posted at Random Rants, saying, “This was in response to someone who asked me about motivating their home schooled children.” (Motivation is a perennially hot topic, even for those who haven’t gotten around to asking. Work and school aren’t always fun, but it helps to keep our eyes on the long-term “why” as well as on the short-term reward.)

Pamela Jorrick presents Books, Books, Books posted at Blah, Blah, Blog. This bibliophile offers a peek at her home library.

Carol presents Should you compensate board members? posted at HomeschoolCPA, saying, “Board members of a homeschool groups are hard-working people. Sometimes a homeschool group would like to “reward” these generous individuals. Is it OK to compensate your board members?” (The laborer is worthy of his hire….)

SisterTipster presents High School Homeschooling posted at SisterTipster, saying, “Getting ready for next year with an eye to the future… High School Homeschooling.”

Linda Dobson presents Homeschooling Myth #2: Homeschooling takes place in isolation at home | PARENT AT THE HELM posted at PARENT AT THE HELM.

Float quietly in clear, green water...

Float quietly in clear, green water…

Jessica Snajder presents No Regrets posted at Teachable Moments.

Christine Guest presents Not Mainstream, but feeling Eddies anyway posted at Our Curious Home, saying, “This is assessment time around here – no panic, but not really fun either.”

NerdMom presents Frugal Homeschooler: Free Educational Dvd’s posted at Nerd Family Things.

nak presents Living Education Retreat posted at Sage Parnassus.

Tyra Ronan presents Open Courseware & Public Domain Books on the iPad ? The Ultimate Guide posted at Masters Degrees, saying, “The iPad has an optional iBooks application that can be downloaded from the App Store, which displays books and other ePub-format content downloaded from the iBookstore. But, how does the iPad fare in the e-book department, and is it friendly to open courseware and public domain books?”

Enjoy that peaceful summer homeschool break!

Enjoy that peaceful summer homeschool break!

Lizzie Borden presents A Work in Progress: Not All Who Wander are Lost posted at A Work in Progress, saying, “This was a post that was near and dear to my heart. It is my feelings on the genre of fantasy in a Christian Homeschool.”

ChristineMM presents Half the Battle Is… posted at The Thinking Mother, saying, “ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother writes about work ethic and expectations people have of students and other adults and how that compares to her family’s outlook.”

Betty presents There is Always Room for Improvement—Changing the Home to Fit Family Needs | posted at Peace Creek on the Prairie, saying, “We all get stuck in ruts. We fall in to routines that are working or maybe they aren’t, but we don’t want to change it. I have been revamping several things. From our chores, to our homeschool curriculum, to our homeschool schedule, to our menus. I resisted God’s nudge to make these changes, but now that they are made WOW, a smoother, happier home.” (Openness to change is a sign of maturity. We all have room to grow!)

Fred Lee presents Can Family Be Friends? posted at Parenting Squad.

Devildogwife presents Finding Balance posted at Marine Corps Nomads.

Susan Ryan presents Carry On, Sunderland Family posted at Corn and Oil, saying, “Should a 16 year old be sailing solo around the world?”

Tricia Hodges presents The Sunday Box posted at Habits for a Happy Home, saying, “Like a workbox for Sundays. It’s what’s inside that makes Sunday family time memorable.”

Rose presents Baseball in the Yard posted at Learning at Home.

Barbara Frank presents Barbara Frank – Nobody Told Me That I’d Get the Independent Kids I Wanted, and I Wouldn’t Always Like It! posted at Barbara Frank Online, saying, “Giving our kids freedom to learn on their own has its downside.” (Parenting really isn’t for cowards!)

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Homeschooling using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Lovely photos make this a summery carnival….thanks for including my post!

  2. Lots of great posts here! I went to post mine last night, but it didn’t make it somehow. The deadline was Monday, but there was not time listed. Anyway, I posted “Introduction to Portfolios” at

    Thanks for hosting, Janice!

  3. Karen Davis says:

    Great job, Janice!!

  4. Thanks for hosting. Such variety, it will be nice to relax and read like a good book at the beach!

  5. Carol Topp, CPA says:

    Great job, Janice!
    I’m hosting next week’s Carnival. I decided on a theme: All Things Austen. A Tribute to Jane Austen (who was homeschooled!). I will have categories on Extensive Reading, Beautiful Writing, Dancing and other exercise, Music & Arts, An Accomplished Woman and An Intelligent Man.
    It should be fun!
    Submit your posts on homeschooling to It it fits one of the categories listed, all the better!

  6. Alasandra says:

    Loved the theme. Thanks for hosting this weeks carnival of homeschooling.

  1. June 24, 2010

    […] this week by Janice Campbell. Great theme. I think our kids do most of their reading in summer too. I’m delighted to host the […]

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